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It is a known fact that we all have hints of psychic ability. As a child, I would often daydream and stretch my imagination to the limits. It wasn’t until my late 20’s and early 30’s that I began seeing visions of a movie within my “third eye” or “inner vision.”

I can distinctly recall a particular day that I was walking down the street and when an unexplained holograph or vivid movie screen appeared in my inner vision. I was watching a movie, as if I was in a movie theatre, of a past life where I was a Southern Belle during the Civil war. The scene I saw was not during the height of Southern elegance, money and power but rather a war-ridden scene. At the time I observed that my mansion had been burned down. My father and I were the few who had survived. We were living on a Homestead that was owned by a bitter wealthy man whom I had rejected as a courter a few years before the war.

This man was heartless and cruel. He was also a part of a group of men who had burned down some of the Mansions and blamed it on the Yankee troops. It was a way to amass other landowners property without purchasing it. Now it was on his terms and I witnessed my own murder near water somewhere in Georgia.

Tears began to stream down my face and the holograph ended abruptly. I searched to see if anyone saw me unravel in plain sight. It was amazing that no one seemed to notice or care. For years I struggled over that experience until someone explained that I had access to the Akashic Records. Later I learned to control my inner seeing to help others.

Another transforming experience was when I had my first past life regression. The Regressionist brought me to my early childhood through subtle hypnosis where I began to recall a strange incident when I was picking violets in my neighbors back yard, ironically her name was Alice. During this time I observed that I had stepped in to non-ordinary space and then witnessed that something had changed. Other memories of a lucid dream of a space craft hovering over my childhood home inspired me to investigate the many paranormal and unexplained incidences in my life. The result of this personal journey helped me to publish my book, The Seer, Violets In The Grass. I began hosting radio shows so I can share my insights and the insights of others who are curious about their own experiences with the paranormal or unexplained phenomena. I will be inviting interesting guests who are prepared open up discussion about the paranormal, extraterrestrial or unexplained happenings with you as well. I hope you will feel comfortable enough to call in and discuss these topics with us or just be a listener to help you sort out the world around you as I did.

Akashic Record Reader, Past life regressionist, psychic / intuitive/ medium, internet radio talk show host, life coach, teacher, storyteller and inspired writer for children.

Jessica (Arael) Marrocco has been a student of western and eastern religions for over 20 years. She is a psychic / intuitive who experiences modes of clairvoyance, clairaudience and past-life information; all of which are instrumental in creating an experience of karmic clearing and growth.

Jessica is also an inspirational writer for children and adults; and published three anthologies of children stories relating to our environment called Green Stories for Green Children part 1 & 2 and Green Stories for Green Cities, that highlights the historical city of Boston.

She is the published Author and Illustrator of Macabre, Short Stories and Poems From the Other Side. This is a collection of channeled short stories for adults who enjoy the experience of mystery, supernatural events, and mystical happenings that were gleaned from historical events or notable characters. Some of these stories were inspired by Edgar Allen Poe.

Her most well known book, The Seer, Violets In The Grass, (Balboa Press/Hay House) is a fictional fantasy that and loosely structured biography, is a story that explores other dimensional space in a multiverse of realities.

Jessica is the founder of New Life Endeavors, a journey meditation class that helps people expand their awareness, problem solve and discover non-ordinary realities for spiritual enlightenment.

Email: jessica@readingsbyarael.com



JP is the Sound Wizard who makes the shows possible, combining more than 30 years in the IT industry, his knowledge of audio and music recording production and archiving, and a constant search for the Truth, JP keeps the shows running despite constant failures of the Internet, Skype and the Stream Servers.

JP has a show on Sunday Evenings from his studio in the Scottish Highlands, Ever Beyond, and now also Monday afternoons, with Journeys simulcast with Revolution Radio. His show explores some deeper ideas than are currently being explored in the Awakening Media. Guests include Light and Sound frequency Healers, Scientists, Authors, Educators, Exorcists, Shamans, Tantrikas, Psychics and Intuitives.


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