Also, known as /Zeus/Hollow man/Journeyman/Kalib

This all began with Andronicus, he reached lightyears away to tell us about realities that occurred long ago, such as one world orders, destructions of planets and more. He also taught us that the Andromedans have been watching over us for a very long time and many of our movies related to catastrophic events were relayed telepathically by the Andromedans to us, in our present time. The Andromedan strain was not intended to be projected as a virus but beings who acted as a virus in a dytopian society. We are humbled, moved and apphalled by his very humanlike approach to his experiences. He may be space ages ahead of us but his emotions are right in tune with humanity.




Also known as/ Odin/Osirus/Apollo/the ruler.

Rhodan appears when the story about Andronicus’ indescretions on Neptune and the shift created during time travel that brought in an alternate reality. Here Rhodan emerges as a ruler, a powerful enforcer of Galactic law and possibly Universal law. He interacts and instructs many of the characters and holds wisdom from above but measures carefully the rules that exist.Rhodan is benevolent and a disciplinarian. He talks about the council on Orion, Saturns prisons and rehab, the prison on Geb, Jupiter and, of course, planet Earth.



Also known as Pan/the mischievous one/the magician.

Zamphyr shows up during the indescretions of Andronicus on Neptune where he complains that Ketriton, Ketron and Andronicus, had unlawfully settled on his planet and wrongfully enticed his female plant beings we see as Mermaids. Zamphyr is the creator of the Mer people, the fairies, satyrs, and other mythological beings. He typically acts very youthful and crafty. It is common to see him in purple smoke. The purple smoke is also seen in the time travel doorways where he and others, such as Borkum, had travelled through.



Also known as the king of Emogene, Quetzlcotyl, prankster, rock-star, Barkum.

Borkum arrives on sector 438 amongst the other Titans. He is highlighted as a loud mouth, slightly abnoxious personality but likeable. Andronicus has many encounters with him and dislikes him at first and then they later become friends when Borkum arrives to rescue him from the alternate reality. Borkum makes his mark in early South America as Quetzlecotyl, the feathered God. He does this through time travel as he is recruited by Rhodan to journey into the future and report back to him. His encounters are a bit outlandish and his long wild hair and feathers and why I referred to him as a rockstar. He is one of the few who befriends the Vinkalla and later has to control them before they cause great destruction.




Also known as the Lizard King, the Troubadour, Medieval poet, songster and actor, trickster and sacred being of Shiva.

Meetis is the most controversial being of the Andronicus group. He arrives in the alternate space where he is the nemesis of Andronicus. We see him challenging Andronicus and covertly working with Rhodan. His attitude is somewhat rebellious to the degree that Rhodan sent him off world to various locations to try to tame him, thus he emerged as the Lizard King.  We see him settle into Medieval British Isles and flourish. His sarcasm and trickery keeps him always a step ahead of everyone else. There is a feeling that he is strongly liked or disliked according to his deeds. Either way, you will be entertained by him.




Also known as Poseidon, Triton, Neptune, and my belief that he may also have been Bacchus.

Ketriton is seen with his brothers and in particular with his close brother Ketron. Ketron was the head of  the group of Titans that arrived at the outpost, Sector 438. By the time they finished that tour and on the way to Neptune aboard Andronicus’ Andromedan ship, Ketriton wins the leadership of the Titans and becomes the ruler through a battle with Ketron. Ketriton becomes the king of Neptune and finds himself in trouble with Zamphyr. From there he establishes his rulership on Earth as Poseidon along with Andronicus who also emerges as Zeus. We don’t know how it happens but Meetis later discovers him as an incarnated human on a farm where he helps to re-awaken him.



Also known as Tron, the more stable, supportive and enduring brother to Ketriton and all Titans. He also emerges as a Viking leader and other influences of the Viking kingdoms.

Ketron appears as a robust character on sector 438. His voice echoes and intimidates the Andromedans who are already a bit overwhelmed by the other intimidating species on the planet such as the Vinkalla and the Sleetarin (Lizard species), The Luceedo ( the Grey Mars beings), and last arrivals the Aldebrans. Ketron is fearless and a take charge individual and later becomes more amicable to Andronicus and the rest of the Andromedans. Their adventure on the ship is a perfect depiction of the Titans not wanting to go into hypersleep is reminiscent of teenagers at a rock concert.














Dryden looks like the lead singer from the 70’s band Sparks and Thomas Shadwell, the rival of John Dryden a poet in the 17th century, only Dryden had dark hair.

Arasmus of Aldebran





Drawings created by Jessica Arael Marrocco