Clandronicus Poems & Creative Writing

Not alone should you be but together makes Mastery

-by Wild Feather

In contemplative silence she sits

Then she hears him talking

Then she see’s him.

Soon there is is a choir of voices

A choir of beings Telling their story

She carries their message

Shares it with those who listen.

Then enters he comes

The one with lyre and song

Tails of days of yore

Of people gathered there

And here.

In contemplative silence she waits Waits

for those who remember

The Earth the connection

Those By and beyond the bounds of time

She waits..

The Day begins..

The Clan they gather

At the pub of old

Repeated again and again

The story told,

Of who they are what must be done

Past, future NOW

It has begun.

In the Morning old rivals surface

Deeds not done in the light

must be they transformed right

Those who still carry the virus

refuse to see it there

caught between the thought

the harm they do

they see not

Yet it must be healed

Truth must be revealed

Missions need be

For Earth to be free.

Tis top of the hour

Top of the Day

The door way

Is there

for those to Enter

If you dare


Suma of the long blonde hair

  • by Nicholas

Gentle do the breezes blow upon fair Zephron, where soft mists drift and moisture lies like honey dew upon verdant ground

There where one who walks, I knew her once, and know her still, whose name is Suma

A goddess once to her people of a planet long lighteyears away upon an outer arm of the milky way.

A goddess to her people and a goddess in her heart, once

Taken from Times loose held arms and carried to a planet called Zephron Long time ago a man had wandered amongst stars and galaxies and time had wearied his mind that longed for rest and he came upon a planet, called Zephron.

Within those verdant pastures he rested and wore away the tiredness that filled his mind and he slowly lost his weariness.

It was the breaking of the dawn that through the mists she came, a figure lithe with long blonde hair, the rising sun that matched her beauty.

Through sleep filled eyes he awoke and rose from the sodden ground, and shook himself awake and stared in wonderment the visage that approached then stood before him.

A smile broke through her loving lips and she said her name was Suma..

And many a tale she told as they sat around a fire and watched the new formed day and the gathering of the light and the vanishing of the night and tears would form as she told her story, as he sat and listened and his heart was filled with wonder.

Oh blessings of the night cast alone in dark spaces held between galaxies and filled with only hope that one day he would no longer roam .

And tears formed upon his bearded face and his heart began to thaw, as slowly he regained his humanity.

She told of her tortured soul, once held slave to the Vinkala, and her pain was slow to heal, the sadness of those evil days, but look, the sun is shining so no more memories of past pain, for each day we live each day we heal.

And the man told her his name and it was Andronicus

His heart that was once like the void of space he wandered began to ease and feelings came back long forgotten in the epochs of untold time ,

Is this fair maids countenance the reward for my many journeys he asked , alas a voice never answered and he sank his head, and a sadness came over Andronicus

She so longed for the love of a man, her lonliness complete since travelling across the timestream, and landing here on Zeprhon,

Each morning that came her heart would sink and she rested once more in the depths of her lonliness ,

That is until this man came from distant stars and his name was Andronicus

A new day dawned and moisture settled once more like honey dew upon the grasses, whilst blossom drifted upon the breeze from laden trees and spread around the sleeping pair, who nestled together amongst the grasses

A new light gathered from distant hills and the sun had found its companion as its light shone gently upon the maidens blonde tresses,

Then the man began to stir and memories of distant stars and untold, spaces began to fade at this new dawning of the day

It was a time for troubled minds and hearts long broke to mend upon Zeprhron, and many a day would pass and many a story told of journeys undertaken amongst the heavens, of captivity and freedom in equal measures, and sorrow and pain and glories had whilst journeying amongst the spaces

And Love lost and love gained and love forever to treasure, then were the memories and the dreams and those things best forgotten upon these verdant fields of Zephron .

Gently roared the thunder one day, upon his fresh awakening, and an inner voice did speak and that voice Andronicus knew and that voice was Rhodan

Knowledge lay like a curse within him and he knew what the voice was saying,

No rest Andronicus, no rest, for your journey is not completed.

And soon you must leave Suma to be alone and be once again on your travels

So he formed a silent curse and turned away from the rising sun away from the thunder that came from the hills.

As an aching filled his heart, once again.

A timeline stretched, a timeline broken, two hearts meeting on a planets surface, two people blessed by love, blessed by pain, torn apart in the knowing that each, must travel alone

There is no virtue in sorrow, nor the breaking of the heart, and the love that fades as memories do , and times, of happiness are forgotten as a soul continues its journey, he amongst the stars she an incarnation back on Mother Earth.

The woman, Suma of the long blonde hair, I knew her once and I know her now , for lifetmes come and many are the forms we take in our many incarnations,

Amidst the distant stars a man weeps for the memories he holds of a woman he new and in the dark spaces where he travels lit by many suns he holds a name within his heart, and that name is Suma and he stands alone upon a ship, and he is Andronicus

Upon the surface of many a planet he walks and sees the dawn of many a day and often from distant mountains he hears that voice,

No Andronicus that maiden is not for you……

Meetis sings about a dragon

~ by Martin MagicMoon

By the river is where I met my beautiful blue eyed girl, on a mid summers night we sipped blackberry wine.
And lay on a bed made of sweet smelling hay, as I stroked her golden hair she said she must be on her way.
I kissed her on the lips and a blue dragon flew away.

And she flew so fine, lighting up my name in night sky, she ruled the stars breathing fire from deep in her heart.
And she flew so high a beautiful blue dragon shone the nights sky.

The next night by the waterfall I did bathe with her pretty eyes beside me we did swim down to a bright crystal cave , with diamond rings and peace’s of gold. And then a silver lyre she did hold given to me with a sweet kiss. Then she flew away and left me wondering would I see my dragon another day.

And she flew so fine, lighting up my name in night sky, she ruled the stars breathing fire from deep in her heart.
And she flew so high a beautiful blue dragon shone the nights sky.

An Ode to Andronicus

~ By Nicholas

Cast forth the mind back to olden days when men fought battles and pride was lost or won, to the winning or losing of a maidens virtue and loving smiles. To a time when Kings and princes held sway upon the hearts and souls of men crushing they who failed to heed their words, uttered from kingly lips.
When strangers came upon many a kingdom and passed within the castle gates and gave forth wisdom and godly counsel to these kings to hold sway their minds thus to help their peoples, and rule in better ways.
For such a man came wandering, and came from within the mists, of Englands ancient hills , striding forth came he, upon many an ancient court in England , centuries ago. Amidst passions raised and passions spent upon earths tear washed shores and fields he walked , and many a night in sorrow was spent
And his name was Andronicus
. Born of a place where time knew no rule, from the cosmic spaces he descended and began his journey on earth. A child at heart, a sage, a man of peace, a mind born of the vastness of space itself, a mind born from Eternity. A heart of love and compassion , a heart broken by the sorrows of men.
And his name was Andronicus.
Lo, cast upon a sorrowful earth, to walk amongst her people, though the villages he travelled , and was lost at once in the pleasures of simple folk. An Inn, a fire of pine logs hissing , sending sparks up sooty chimneys, With tables laden with mead and bread and the fruits of heaven. And many a head would sway and many a body would dance to the melodies of a minstrel tune and a maiden caught the eye of many a man who would welcome the folds of coming night and be lost in their hidden virtue
And such a man as Andronicus
O come the night O come the time when life’s ills are forgotten upon some maidens bed , within her loving arms, a mind bathed in the glory of her maidens charms, when night went on forever until the rude awakening of a rising sun.
O away with the dawn O away the light that shines upon the blessings of the night upon a maidens bed. And her lovely ways . Within her loving arms, O go away the reckoning of work waiting to be done.. Yet, yet night again will come , once more to be lost in a maidens fond embrace , amidst her wonderment , and the blessings of the night .
And such a man blessed was Andronicus

It became that many a song was written and sung and many a tune played upon a minstrels lyre, that told of the great mans deeds who passed between kingdom and kingdom , and simple peoples doorsteps and no one knew his real name, but, we did,
And his name was Andronicus

Through battles fought Old England passed her days, amidst the cries of the wounded and blood washed by summers rain and suffering eased only with times passing , and grief that knew not when to end. Yet amidst these battles a great man wandered, a man not born of the loins of earthly women a man who in the depths of night his mind wandered amongst galaxies and places way beyond the dreams of dreamers
And even amongst the fields of pain and grief where battles fought over some kings selfish whims, or a popes decisions, he would sigh and shed a tear at the stupidity of it all, as his mind wandered again through galaxies. .
And the earth, was just a passing place for Andronicus

For sorrowful minds and minds beset by the haze of suffering and hearts broken by grief and eyes bathed by endless tears are many upon the fields of earth. Yet sweet passions are once more, willingly raised by the minstrels tune before the smoky fires of taverns And many a night are spent in wonderment at the meaning of it all, with questions only answered by the rising of the sun and the pressing problems of the day.
But one man knew the answers , and his name was Andronicus



A song when Meetis meets a wizard

~ by Martin MagicMoon

He had a coat of bright indigo , if the sun shone or the wind would blow, but on a cold day in a English village tavern we let the ale and wine flow, some people called him a shaman or a druid he was know by.
But that day he became my friend, the day we almost drank the tavern dry.

The day I met the wizard the not so strange and not so old English wizard, he showed me spells of the ancient realms just another time when meetis was around.

We both kissed a wench at the tavern bar ,
The wizard and I had a bet of who could take her far, As she filled our jug of wine
Little did he now she was already one of mine.
A love potion or two my friend if you don’t mind remember don’t bet with meetis he has a bit of an all seeing eye.

The day I met the wizard the not so strange and not so old English wizard, he showed me spells of the ancient realms just another time when meetis was around.


Tell Rhodan

~ by Nicholas

Gone are the days when dreamers dreamt of adventures amongst earths rolling hills and sweet dreams of the night and life’s pleasure that never end and the traumas that marked our growing years, gone are life’s illusions,

Tell Rhodan I am coming home soon

Gone are the tales that bore me to sleep, gone are the ladies whose smiles made me weep, gone is the joy that filled my youth, of perfumed bodies amongst the grasses, and words that rang softly from softer lips Gone are the days when love bade me welcome Gone, gone the days of my youth,

Tell Rhodan I am coming home soon

Cherish the lips that once made me welcome when youth sprang like sacred waters from the earth, cherish the hands that caressed my weary body, bent by earths labours, Cherish the heart that gave me love in a world where mens hearts were cold steel, and words of anger more common than words of pleasure and love.. For these are behind me now, memories melting away like autumn mist,

Tell Rhodan I am returning soon

Ageing now is the body, bent low by aching limbs, slowed to barely a walk, more oft a stumble on stony ground, lost is the vigour of my youth..
Oh sadness that fills my nights with pain at what was lost and what was wished for but never had, and only the barking of dogs to remind me that humans are about, But only the loneliness fills my night, with memories that haunt me and my only cries are to the skies above,

Tell Rhodan I am coming home soon..

Lost are the hopes of a man who once hoped that light would fill him and ease the daily pain of living, and having to face life’s cruelties and his own often stupid ways, that did little to give him virtue. Now as the night owls fly and haunt the dark, with rain falling on sodden ground this life is facing its ending, and only sorrow remains

Tell Rhodan I am coming home soon

Into the night a heart yearns but not for the things of this world, And slowly a feeling arises, a whisper amidst the silence, a knowing, , a warmth, a memory of those things long forgotten A picture comes to my mind, something I once knew but time and life’s labours had ridden it from me
Now as the silence of the night grows deeper, more images arise, and slowly it dawns on me the meaning behind it, the coming to this earth, the sadness the hardship and the yearning to return, and a joy begins to infect me not born of this world , For now I see clearly, the why and wherefore and the journeys end,
Once again I reach out to the skies, in trembling voice, filled with sadness, wracked with pain,
yet it is a warmth that bathes my heart,

Tell Rhodan, I am leaving soon,
Tell Rhodan to expect me
Tell Rhodan, I am coming home