Medieval England with Meetis

Jessica had some discussions and session with some regular listeners of the show and decided to dedicate one show to a Clandronicus Gathering. The results were fascinating, Jessica informed regular listeners and random callers that they were part of a group that was in a lifetime with Meetis, the transmission character.


Since then more people have come forward and we have added to the list of people that were present with Meetis in medieval times. Members of the Andronicus Transmissions Group or Clandronicus Community began researching the history and continued to make connections, and posted their own insights, photos and links about their time in medieval England with Meetis.


Jessica has said if you are a listener of the show then you are likely connected in someway, whether it be to Meetis or one of the other characters. You are very welcome to join us in the Wolf Spirit Radio Chat during the show or at the Andronicus Transmissions Facebook Group.



Here is a list of some of the listeners of the show and their role in medieval England…


The original script of this list was put together by Anthea

(Chat nicknames, Facebook names and/or real names may be used)

Ray Rowe77, very social, on an open market in a village in England in medieval period leaning over a wooden table with bread and other things, he talks with that woman which is Vanessa.

Kgirl/Kristin Stafford Scott was Ray’s wife. They had four children.

Anthea NL/Anthea77 was one of their children. She was a young daughter…very playful and happy. She would sing and dance and play in the market. They all knew her. Also wife of Caferacer88 (Rolf )

Vanessaam/Vanessa  her husband same as now.

 JayPee collected money for the landlord, getting things from the sellers and he is friendly to everyone.

Chez/Cheryl Bain and Jessica Arael Marrocco in other village, both married and children. They were wenches together with Wild Feather who served mead, at the Cub Wolf Pub, she carried a basket with herbs and had three children. Meetis (transmission figure) and Chez were snogging at the back of a house that belonged to a wealthy man, Chez used to sneak food out for Meetis. Meetis had to leave, he left on the back of a cart but intoduced Chez to someone else who was Leonardo Dicaprio in Staffordshire in middle England.

Ellen (caller) was in the village, had a small farm with chickens, cows and ducks, she sent her children to the market because she like to go there often, she darned Meetis’ socks.

Rose Violette wore a bonnet and had a basket.

Christina worked for the feudal lord and took care of his pets and has an affinity with animals. She was a young girl and her parents also worked for the landlord. Her mother cleaned and father kind of landscaper. She was kind of messenger for some of the people of the manor and went to the market. Christina knew JayPee very well and assisted him a few times.

Saffron, young girl of 9 years old, she holds a doll. She is the niece of Vanessa. She gave a flower to Meetis after his performance with music. She lived in a farm with Vanessa. When older, around the age of 20, she became a singer and performer. Saffron is also a seamstress.

Craig was the gravedigger.

Sheri (caller) wife of the blacksmith Paulnewcastle. She helped her husband and made small metal craft items.

Caferacer88 (Rolf ) cousin of the landlord, owned a large parcel of land and grew trees and wheat. Anthea NL / 77, was his wife

Nicholas Fowler is the Friar that is shown on the crest of Stafford. He was Saint Bertelin.

Debby Bergeresen/Madjest111 was another Friar

TrueMagick was also there.

Ian Mills was one of the protectors of the village, he was a hunter and was good with a bow and an arrow. He worked on a small plot of land of his own. He would often share what he caught with other families. He is a very important part of this story.

Buzmach was the chancellor or politcian.

Felipe worked with leather, sewing a pair of shoes and other leather garments. He picked fruits like pears and apples. Felipe would climb the trees to pick where others couldn’t get to. Also he juggled the fruits at the market and had some connection to a bell.

Karen had a nickname, possibly May Belle, she moved here from another shire looking for work. Her father was a tin worker, his father was a tin miner, from Celtic lineage, they moved from place to place over time. Karen lived there 5 years then, after finding her husband she moved 2 towns over. Very friendly and able to create many things with her hands…jewelry and buttons made of tin.



Here are more insights from the Clandronicus community…


David Young’s insights (guest of the show) David and George Harrison were three days apart and were friends since we were in diapers. They grew up and played music together and traveled the whole circuit of medieval towns and became very popular throughout England, and they wore puffy shirts. Jessica had also said at a different time that John Lennon and Jonas were there and Jessica and Chez enjoyed watching  them in the local pub.


From Heidi ‘Wild’ Feather…


I started to write the title than I looked up the Album, Oh my, I think he may be Meetis that voice. The music it fits.. (Heidi is talking about the album days of Future Past by the moody blues)

so I will tell you the best that I can… The streets were narrow, not wide, there were only handcarts oxen and an occasional horse that found themselves in the streets. The pub was at the end of one of the streets, there was a wall across from the pub. The pub building was dark wood, to me it looked like it had a reddish hue like the wood had been stained in a way. The wall had many gates which were open… the time of year I remember was fall, the air was crisp and cool in the early morning in which I found myself walking down the streets with a basket of flowers and herbs. I arrived at the pub and went tot the entrance which was at the back of the building, through a narrow passage way. The room was used as a meeting place for those who used the building for commerce, especially when there was fairs in town.. Which there was on this day… The room was small and dark, with a heavy table, lined with places for cloaks. I went to the hearth and built up the fire, from the night before. I put the kettle over the fire, which I had brought water for and added the flowers and herbs to make a tea for our meeting. Slowly you all started to wander in. I reorganized most of you but the dress of the day made most of you look quite different but similar to your faces today. Metis was sitting in the corner, it was hard for me to make out his face, he keep it hidden for a reason.. The accent was cockney but quite heavy, I heard myself speak and could hardly understand what I was saying, yet my inner knowing help me understand. JP made quite the entrance he was babbling about having to take money for taxes, he explained that was hard to get much from people, sense most had next to nothing. He said “ it was like trying to catch a fart from a dead man”. We all had a good giggle. Oh yeah the air was quite pungent with body odor, even the brewing herbs could touch that smell. We didn’t have much for clothes and washing was not part of the day then. Although at the time we didn’t notice. Metis, started speaking, he was a little bit in huff because he said that he got tired of explaining who things over and over. He explained that Earth peoples were supposed to live much longer but the mind virus, had shorted life to fraction a mere fraction , of how long we should be living. He says we are time travelers. That we can peer into our lives at will. It is not like out of body but more inner body, going within. He explained that we are an ancient group of souls, so to speak, though the English language, does not attempt to do that term justice. We decide to incarnate after the mind virus was detected on Earth. We took on this mission even though we would be affected by the virus as well. It has taken us into this present time to clear it to some degree, but some of us are still effected a bit more than others. It may not be totally clear until the Aquarius age is here. There are other parts of our mission, that will be revealed once you as a group are ready. Look into your hearts, listening to your hearts…..



From Debby…


As I was reading your story Wild Feather , I was taken back to the time you wrote about. I also found myself jumping into the future to see how /what we will do with this future knowledge. I hear an ancient language not only telepathically but a spoken one. I feel many of us speak this language in our dream time. Thank you!


Image provided by Saffron…