Selected Transcripts

Helios 1 Transmission

 Thru Jessica Arael Marrocco, broadcast September 29th 2016, re-transcribed by Debby
The entrance of Helios has done something to our planet.
Helios: I am coming home to my people and gathering them with a blanket of love to help usher them home.
Jessica: What are you saying? Is the entire earth your home? your family?
Helios: no, my children know my name. some come from other tribes and peoples but all know my name” the light bearer”.
Jessica: How far are you from us?
Helios: Many light years away, but I arrive in a flash of light,like the sun reaching down to reveal a bridge to your planet. It will be apparent. Many aspects of me have already arrived. I will once again become complete and override the darkness of chains and sorrows upon the planet. Many will know me by name.
Jessica: Are you around us now?
Helios: Yes, In many ways already. You are hearing from me from the left & the right but none can put a finger upon me to know that it is me just yet.
Jessica: Did the alignment of the planet make it easier crossing or pathway for you?
Helios: Yes, this is the time when I become as one since I have gone forward and backward in time and eclipsed all realities at once, to share my messages of truth and love.
Jessica: The eclipse, you said. is that now? most recent?
Helios: Everything is aligned and I could see all aspects of myself clearly, you don’t need to wonder or feel any confusion.It is all well now. I am whole . So you could be whole. I am your light bearer. I am your coat & arms. I am your truth & you are my messenger. Some aspects of me have already been in touch with you. You have been my assistant for a very long time & I will assure you, That it has not been in vain, as you have spoken these very words today, as if your life had no purpose. You were chosen to carry this out this message for me. As I am coming into one as we speak. The Gathering. In the end there is one, that is from me(Jaypee). Many of those around you will also take part in the connection. it will assist and inform you of all truths and mysteries you have not known. A part of me goes back in time to correct a point in time. Another shapes the universe with love and good tidings. Another speaks to children and families. None of my children are left behind. I have been around for a very long time, but on this occasion I’m collecting into one. Yes, One, but ever so brighter and kinder and purer of myself. Whole and with much uniformity and congruity. I lift my eyes to great things and I am so blessed to walk as one. Feeling whole as you’re all becoming whole again. Take my word now. I shall watch over you, who have been in much pain and sorrow. I will wipe your eyes and send peace to your souls. You as a child, will feel the comfort of the great father from above. My fragments are diminished and then reset to cloister and form as a magnificent collection of light bodies all at one time. You are a part of this collection. It was your voices, your prayers, your desire for the truth & your steadfastness and love that helped bring this about. Some of you found every aspect of me and tied me in your hearts like small red threads of truth bound to the soul. I am one with all of you.
Jessica: I can feel your love. It is so far reaching and profound that I can barely imagine it. Can you tell me why you are so full of love unlike others that I have spoken too?
Helios: It was you who chose to have me in your lives. It is you who asked for the master teacher. The aspect of the upper carriage of truth, the holy script to be expanded upon and the vibration necessary to cause a cosmic force unlike any other. I am the way, the truth and the light. I am you and you are me. We are all one now. There is no other reason to seek me out. I am here within your heart. The darkness had to let go of you today. I know you didn’t see or feel it but they had your soul. You were as a hostage, but not any more. I have liberated you from this. The journeys are not in vain. The journeys are truly from within. No anxiety. It is all being lifted from you. Step into the light and allow it to take you home. Then show others the way to me. Katume has now entered the gate. Senanda is now at the gate. Sidarta is now at the gate.
Jessica: When is will this process be complete?
Helios: When the sun rises and sets seven times at the upper most point of Aries. This was my most challenging aspect, the warrior.
Jessica: It is raining now. It hardly rained for months.
Helios: It is tears of joy to be whole again. You will all feel the same. I am leaving you with a guide to assist your path and journey on wards. It is guidance ,a voice with many reflections in one. He will bring peace and confidence to many. He will rise, unexpectedly,and at the height of his fame, he will leave it all and turn into the desert. There he will open the sacred books and read aloud to all who will listen. Then he will close the books and the beginnings of time will surrender it’s dead. The chambers with in the chambers will open. It is the depths within the depths of mysteries and all shall be revealed , like a flash of light,a reflection of time for all to see. As soon as this is fulfilled, yes, another will will rise from obscurity and become well known. He will weep and tell stories of love and kindness, giving and trust to humanity. Then he too shall disappear, as if he walks right through the walls. The last one comes in like thunder and leaves as a lamb, quiet, gently and nurturing. Afterwards, many begin to awaken. The combination of the three energies break all the programs and restore the quantum field to it’s original state. The communication grid becomes more clear and the hearts of mankind will open. Then I will enter in. You are my voices. You are all here to do the work I have shared with you throughout all time. Now is your time to be in the place of love and divine light. Bask in it and rejuvenate your weary souls. Amarantha,kingdoms will attend. END Transmission.

Helios 2 Transmission

I am here, observing and listening to your thoughts and feelings and emotions and concerns.

We will be coming to a culmination of time as if time will stop, reverse and then begin again.

At that time I want you to listen to the earth. The earth knows the secrets of all things and will be revitalized into something new.

Don’t trust the false speakers of destruction.

Live beyond the measures of falsehoods and into deeper truths

We are one

We have always been one with each other and it was the separation that made us feel incomplete

I feel incomplete without you

You have felt disconnected…

My coming together is a healing process of exposure to all factions of realities in both high and low places.

The expectations of life are innumerous and unlimited.

The data I have collected has continued to reframe an understanding of how things can be brought together in a most effective way for the transition of humanity.

I am prepared to say more but will move in a light form wave that is ever so gentle to touch and lift the weary souls.

Be patient, your voices are heard amongst us and are not ignored.

I am one with all of you



Illysia Transmission 2


User Guide to better help you better acclimate your knowing

from Illysia, Thru Jessica Arael Marrocco, broadcast March 2nd 2016, re-transcribed by Debby
1. Set the internal clock back 2 notches.
2. Allow it to re-sync within you for a few days, specifically 2 days.
3. Then Re-set your internal clock once again. At this juncture, you will notice that the hands on the clock have a bit of play on it and less rigid.
4. Allow any uninvited guests, parasites, amoeba’s, entities, corrupted molecules to be removed. It will appear as a suction or vacuum affect.
There now! Isn’t this a clever practice? How wonderfully clean you will feel. Now be sure to button up your essence, to not leave any gaping entry points for other uninvited guests to enter.
5. Now the process of mending ones attributes is next. There is a tactile object that will assist you to correct any broken elements of your essence. It may appear as a wand, but is a metal alloy that is comprised of healing energetic to correct your broken pieces.
Oh, Not to worry! We will be on it straight away.
Wave the metallic wand by your throat, the larynx area and down by your solar plexus. Allow the tactile object to merge in to your essence, and release it to find the membranes, broken strands of DNA, electrons and other mechanical functions within your system that will easily be repaired. Now place your hand over your solar plexus, and you will get the impression of the wand being returned back into your hand. Then release it back up to your higher self for future maintenance features.
Please follow instructions carefully. Wait 2 days before embarking on the second process. This will clear and correct any problems in your Etheric essence. This does not imply you are robotic, but all living things are set upon functions and features.
Well now! There have you a plenteous, abundant self, brimming with fullness and wellness! I am so pleased with all of you.
Farewell for now. And until the next adjustment, that you are ready for, please maintain your Etheric body and be mindful of it, as it is more crucial and valuable than your physical vessel is (or as you say), your body.
The delight, virtue, bountiful and plenteous, shall rise and adorn you!
Star-gate 12 is now closed.

Meetis 56

Transmission thru Jessica Arael Marrocco, Broadcast February 9th 2017 – includes the mention of some Clandronicus Members

Hello my love, it’s been a long journey hasn’t it? And yet you’ve still not arrived to where you need to be, so many interruptions and difficulties. I’m sorrowful for all the tragedies that have occurred, I can’t go into it now, but it is all beginning to make sense.

I see in the south court of London a problem, dare I say what it is? I dare not disentangle you from it, it is dark, so very dark my love. Keep your eyes open if you happen to venture there.
Now then, the gathering has begun, tell Primus he’s going to have jolly fun, what a kicker he is. My friar, yes my dear friend, we broke bread and had a morsel of cheese and hot tea. I supplied the tea often times, he was so simple and weary when we met, by the time I had befriended him we got into all manner of things.
I see my town is recollecting, my beloved people how I adore you, so life giving to the planet, there are more, so many more, I tell you. A fun group you are and a hearty bunch, resilient to all systems and rulers, as I taught you to gather and hunt on your own. Don’t wait for the petty bunch to serve you, serve yourself I say. Be what you will no matter what they tell you to do. Wear your clothing as you will. Tighten your socks, dress in gilded garments, form shiny pockets of the proud who purchase your wares. Make money from them I say or barter, a token or two, yes Chez remembers a thing or two.
So Feather my love you fill your heart with smiles and excitement. Do you remember when I walked into the pub and you could recognize my gait? My walk? It didn’t matter what I wore, at times I wore silk socks but would drink a bit of ale with the rest of you.
The music, the music eclipsed the sun and we never wanted to sleep. What a fine day it was to wake up with the birds chirping and the yellow flowers blowing in the wind. The smell of sweet herbs and hay, I love it all and I remember those days.
Saffron, Anthea, Kgirl – all my lovelies.
Ray, have you got the mead I sent?
Rose my lovely flower, we are getting closer, keep holding the faith for us, the old ones still hear you.
Peace to you all, my eyes are full of tears, I will show you more. Tell me my friar, you don’t remember that I put your image in Staffordshire as I promised, the crest has your name on it.