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FireBurnDoctor.com in Costa Rica, Utah and Ghana!

From Traverse City Film Festival (Michael Moore's Michigan fest) to the Costa Rica Film Festival (Montezuma resort paradise) to the great Sundance FF (Park City, Utah) and then a quick stop at the SAG Awards (Los Angeles, CA), FireBurnDoctor filmmaker, JC Clements, has been spreading the word, internationally, that no one -- no child, woman, or man -- has to suffer the pain and disfigurement of burns, ever again.

One 2-minute phone call or text, within the first 30 minutes of exposure, will inform the FireBurnDoctor team of who needs immediate help. Over 500 cases from 32 countries and 43 states in America, all burn victims report the same astonishing results: Pain gone in minutes, burn erased within hours.

Meeting Michael Moore was a thrill (of course!), but personally offering him and his staff the opportunity to cover the most inspiring (and controversial) story of the century was even more fun! Meeting Mary Badham (To Kill a Mocking Bird) was really a treat, as she immediately understood the value and URGENCY of getting the FBD phone number to absolutely every mother everywhere in the world. Then to Mary's surprise, a few weeks later, a most important colleague burned himself, called the FBD, and received the same 100% results: Pain gone in minutes, burn disappeared within hours!

In Costa Rica, FireBurnDoctor was an instant hit. People who had traveled from all over the world to visit the small, but enchanting, film festival got a chance to watch the new FBD documentary: How'd You Guys Do That? The Technology of Possibilization. Word spread quickly throughout this small group and soon burn cases were called in from as far away as England, New York, Australia and Japan -- simply from friends telling friends... telling friends... telling friends... to just call 1-818-332-6445 when anyone is burned... then watch what happens. It's free, no risk, nothing to lose....

Just days before leaving Costa Rica, JC was told by a friend about a year-old baby who had been burned 2 days before and was suffering badly on 80% of her body. The parents tried to call FBD, but didn't know how to dial out of the country! So sad. JC called in the case to the FBD emergency phone number and asked for help. The FBD team told her it was too late (WAY past the 30 minutes protocol)... but that "we'll see." When JC called her friend a week later to ask about the baby, "Oh, she's totally fine. Thank you so much!"

Utah in January means SunDance at Park City. Inundated with celebrities, filmmakers and avid film fans, JC was able to hand out more than 2000 FBD "stickers" (!), informing everyone, everywhere to tell all to just call FBD at 1-818-332-6445 to get free remote immediate intervention for burns -- any degree, minor or severe -- anywhere in the world, anytime. Although the FBD documentary film was entered and not accepted, filmmaker JC herself certainly made a big splash. From David Gray (UK) and Lisa Hannigan (Ireland) to Jean-Marie Teno, Morgan Spurlock, and Naomi Wolf to international promoter Mac Africa, dozens of important people now personally know exactly what to do if they or their family are burned.... and when THESE people Twitter the FBD phone number and website, they reach millions of friends and fans all over the world. EXACTLY what FBD needs now -- a Million Mothers by Monday (EVERY Monday) to know how to SAVE the FireBurnDoctor phone number in their cell phones, on their refrigerator doors, on their computers and in their cars!

By the time JC stopped off at the SAG awards to meet celebrities and hand out stickers, Tilda Swinton exclaimed to her, "Oh, I've already heard about this! Thanks so much. I'll tell everyone." Alec Baldwin, however, was new on the scene. With his just-acquired award, Alec escaped the event to have a smoke and ran right into JC. Handing him a sticker, he handed her his trophy, while she told him how so important it is to please help and tell everyone. "Yes, I'll remember you! And yes, I'll help!" Music to her ears, JC "stickered" all the fans on her way to a late-night SAG after-party in beautiful Santa Monica, CA.

What's next? AFRICA and specifically Ghana, where the Ghana Burn Survivor's Foundation president, Dennis Opoku is diligently organizing a "relay" team whereby the local villagers can call or text the burn victims' information directly to Dennis or his team members in Ghana, who can then call the local person back to confirm the data, and then relay it to the FBD team in California. With this most valuable help, the FBD team can be sure the burn victims' information is correct and can assure the local people in Ghana that their burn cases will be processed in time -- within the 30 minutes protocol. Dennis, a "burn survivor" himself, knows (and has experienced) personally the incomparable value of the FBD free intervention and says that there are more than 80 cases a month in Ghana that could be immediately helped by the FBD team.

Dennis also witnessed the "miraculous" recovery of the three Ghana children who were severely burned in August 2010, when their house burned down on top of them. All three children survived, one was saved from dying and all three showed extremely fast recovery as a result of FBD's remote intervention.

Think of what all this means to the women and children throughout the world, especially in Africa, Asia, and South America where burns are much more prevalent (and life-threatening) than in America and Europe! Think Calcutta with hundreds of burn victims DAILY. Think of the statistics that more people (MANY more people) have died of burns than of AIDS in the past 20 years! Think of how simple, easy and free it is to make one quick phone call (or text) and get the extraordinary results that astonish absolutely everyone (including the FBD team !) every single time a burn case is processed.


Please do your part ! Tell All to just call 1-818-332-6445
(within 30 minutes of burn!)